Racing overview

Overall Information

The Council supports racers of all ages and abilities.  Currently there are 3 to 4 races per year.  Different clubs sponsor races as well as the Council.

The races are similar to NASTAR race courses and are designed specifically so that all abilities are able to participate.  You must sign up for a specific category before the races, and they are:  Juniors (under 18), Open Class (anyone can enter), Veterans (40+), Super Veterans (55+).  In other words, you have the option of racing in the open class (more competitive) or racing in your age category.  

Most races begin at 10:00 AM. and are over by approx. 11:30 AM.  Registration begins at 8:30 AM in the base lodge.

You must notify the club race chairman if you intend to race (and under what category).  Pre-registration is not required but recommended as it helps us to plan more accurately.

Following the race, Awards are presented as well as a small Aprés Ski Party.

***IMPORTANT***  All racers are required to wear helmets!


Rules & Policies

NYCDSC Racing Rules (pdf)


NYCDSC Trip Policy (pdf)



JANUARY 12, 2020. Sunday OAK MT.  (training will take place in AM)

FEBRUARY 1, 2020 Saturday  West Mt. (4 runs)