Our Purpose

The purpose of the Council is to promote interest and participation in recreational and competitive amateur skiing. Presently the council consists of 13 ski clubs with over 4,000 members. The council members enjoy skiing, snowboarding, tele skiing, racing, biking, hiking, camping, golf, roller blading, along with many more activities. Our member clubs ski here in the Northeast, as well as all over North America and the Globe. The council has special promotional days set-up with a large group of ski areas to help promote skiing and snowboarding. The Council is completely run by volunteers from the different member clubs. Please check out our calendar for events and ski days.


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Our Roots

Established in 1950, the council has gone through many changes in the 65+ years. In recent years the council has grown from 6 clubs to over 13 club members. We have held fun ski race events for over 50 years with an annual banquet to celebrate the club winners and new council officers and board.

 The council is all about skiing and snowboarding. Come join one of the many ski clubs and see what we are all about!

Our Members

Want to be a part of one of the clubs in your area?  Click the link below to see what clubs we have in our council!

Officers & Board Members


Board Members

Board Members

President:- Jim Tunney

Vice President:- VACANT

Secretary:- Sylvia Haefeli

Treasurer:- Sally Vanderzee

Board Members

Board Members

Board Members

Jim Horton

Dolores Lark

Mark Pavlus

Meghan Ruby

Frank Scuderi

Ray Van Epps, Past President

Open Officer Position

Vice President

The Vice President shall exercise the prerogatives of the President in the Presidents' absence. They shall be a member of the Executive Committee and the Council.  The Vice President shall be responsible to appoint chairs, supervise and advise the following committees: Trip’s Committee, Racing Committee, and Inter-Club events. They must appoint chairs for any special committees set up by the Vice President. The Vice President will act as ex-officio member of all committees in the Vice President’s functional area.

Our Constitution

NYCDSC Council Constitution (docx)